DCC (Digital Command Control) for non model railway uses

Currently DCC (Digital Command Control) is beening used in model railways setups, but I can see other uses within the widder modelling communtiy

  • static Displays
  • modular diaramas
  • wargaming

Static displays

there are modellers who put their “completed”1 models in display cases/cabinets, the models are usally group together.

modular Diorama

I can think of two cases:

  1. kit modellers1
  2. travelling diorama:


  1. I was concepting a display for a community group that featured mainstream sci-fi models from TV/movie seires,
  • I want the model’s to indercate: ** “On This Day” in-unverse events ** X years till in-unverse event ** death of Actors from series.
  • the models were going to hanging from the ceeling because of limited space STALLED :(
  1. I had started to desgin a Star trek DS9’s Domaon Battle using a mixer of models and peeper ghost effects STALLED :(

  2. I was researching a computer-assited [rpg] with shelf-moving mintures and with explodable picese { see Crash Test Dummy toys } STALLED :(

  1. some models are never completed  2

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Author: Tom Sparks


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