Creating a Streetview for Dioramas

The goal is to create a “Street View”1 of my dioramas.


the “best” tool is Google’s Street view but it is closed sourced. I came across Photosynth by Microsoft Labs, but its dead. Lucky the underlying research and software is open-source to a point, but with one gotcha there is no open-source viewer. Why did I choice Photo tourism mostly because of its command line and photo only requirements.


I am looking for motion control rig that can place an endoscope camera any where on the diorama, there are three different ways to position the camera:

Robotic Arm

path: assets/images/overhead-crane.png alt: “overhead crane / Gantry crane image sourced from”

path: assets/images/spidercam.jpg alt: “spider camera image sourced from wikimedia Commons”

  1. there are program that can create panoramic Virtual tour software like easypano’s Tourweaver 

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Author: Tom Sparks


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